If you were stranded on a desert island which five books would you take and why?

1. Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone- This book is magical and takes you to the most amazing fictional place Hogwarts. Its not nearly as dark as some of the later books. It makes you happy as you root for Harry and the golden trio.  Being stranded on a desert island probably sucks ass. This would make it slightly better!

2. My Side Of The Mountain- About a young boy who goes to the wild and lives off the land. Maybe there be the helpful tips in there that would also work on a desert. Also a very good book!

3. Alice In Wonderland - One of my favorite whimsical trippy books that would make for a great read in the shade of the island.

4. The Virgin Suicides- Only read the beginning of this book but liked the style of writing. Was a big fan of the Sofia Coppola movie.

5. Pretty Little Liars- Been wanting to read this and whats better for an island than cheesy YA mystery set in modern day.